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      Teacher Training

In order to improve the teaching level of English teachers in various types of schools in China, Shanghai Oaks International Education Group will organise regular training programmes for Chinese teachers of English. They will engage in short term educational visits to the UK or other European countries. The visits will take place during the summer vacation or the Spring Festival period (Chinese New Year) each year, with each session lasting between 30 and 60 days.

Exchange of Teacher training , ie Chinese teachers of English will come to UK  for training to teach English language ; 

UK teachers for Mathematics and Chinese language will go to China for their training in  teaching those subjects ! 

At the same time, Shanghai Oaks International Education Group, in cooperation with numerous partner schools in UK, warmly welcomes outstanding mathematics and Chinese teachers from international partner schools to visit Chinese schools for short-term teaching and learning training. The specific time to be agreed upon by both schools.

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