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                 Company Profile

OAKS International Education Ltd is a subsidiary company of Shanghai OAKS International Education Group.

The company is dedicated to seeking the most suitable partners in the UK and Europe for education programmes promoted by Shanghai OAKS International Education Group. The projects include promoting collaborations between Chinese and various British and European institutions, facilitating the establishment of dual-degree programmes, assisting Chinese students from partner institutions to study in secondary schools, high schools, further education colleges,  foundation programmes, undergraduate, master's, and doctoral courses in the UK and Europe, as well as helping in the development of on-line teaching platforms for Chinese-international cooperation..

The main courses we focus on are artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, large aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, industrial robotics, green energy, gemstone design and cutting, precision instrument maintenance, and modern horticulture.

With a commitment to actively promoting international education exchange and cooperation, and believing in the power of education to change the world, the company aims to create a better educational environment and combine the theory with practice to cultivate high-level technical talents. It actively collaborates with high-quality educational institutions worldwide to jointly promote the upgrading of manufacturing industries and the implementation of Industry 4.0 on an international scale.

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